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Web Site Updates in Nottingham

The Spring Clean with all your web site update in Nottingham

Web Based Design has experience of all web site programming technologies. We can maintain your current site for you, all we will need is the information as to where your site is held. While we are adding your updated text we can also assess how secure your web site is as well any improvements you want. We can work with HTML, Flash, CSS, ASP, CMS plus many many more. We can also host your web site for you to ensure that you don’t get disconnected from the internet.

The Overhaul

As a current, technology savie Nottingham web site designers we are able to not only update your current web site but we can also completely rebuild your web sitestechnology and either display its current content or add content of your choice. Your main advantage to this would be your new found freedom to explore using a CMS system. Content Management Systems(CMS) were once the toy of the in house corporate designer but since the Open Source movement this is no longer the case. A CMS system would enable you to update your web site from anywhere in the world any time. The site is Browser based so can be accessed using Window, Apple, Android smart phone technology as well as you laptop and PC. Your office no longer has to be just in Nottingham but can be extended to the Pent house in New York City.

The Open Source Movement

Tired of the dominance of the corporate machine Programmers and Designers across the worlds technology firms got together under a desk somewhere and began to program software that will be a revolution in the way in which consumers access there files and live there online life how to order xanax bars online .

There has always been software around that has been given freely to the masses so as to take care of tasks that otherwise would mean the purchase of a operating system or vastly over price software. Open Office was one of the first bringing access to Microsoft technologies such as Word and Excel. Then came the likes of Google bringing in some nice tools for wee developers like myself to monitor there internet success and failures. Now came the turn of the humble web design program, step forward Joomla and WordPress as well as a plethora of others to make online web design accessible to the mass Take a bow.!

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