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We want you to found in search engines and really stand out from the crowd!

Search Engine optimisation is where we really come into our own. We have created a range of packages to suit all businesses and budgets.
We will guarantee to get you into the top ten in google and in most cases the top three within your business area. Google have a large portion of the search market but there is still around 30% of people who search elsewhere, we will ensure those 30% dont miss out on your goods and services by establishing you in the top ten of those also, in most cases you will be number 1.

  • Your Business, your keywords
  • Term Solutions to optimisation
  • Save on paid click advertising
  • Google top ten? no problem!

So What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is how you increase your position within Search Engines such as Google, Bing Search and say Yahoo Search. If you were a People counter let’s say like Axiomatic Technology who are a company in Nottingham with a fully Search Engine Optimised site in Nottingham. Axiomatic who are one of my long established clients are footfall counters in Nottingham.  So you would say that the most important thing to them iwas to be found in search results would be People Counter. If you visit the Search Engine Google and type the words People Counter you will find that Axiomatic is number 1, as they are for many terms.

So that is basically search engine optimisation it’s a way and means of you being found within search engines. Did you realise that only 33% of people who use search engines click on the sponsored links at the top of the google search results? The other 67% use the search results below those links. Think about it this way what are the chances that someone would type martinsulleyjoinery.co.uk into the address bar? More than likely you would use a search engine, I would say only if you knew the Martin or he had given you one of his business cards would you not use search to locate his business.

How do get my company high up in the Search Results?

Well the problem here is when it comes to search results it’s a very competitive business if I were to tell you exactly what I did to move you up the search rankings then I would go out of business. The most important thing to you is being high up or page one atleast, if not number one in the Search Engine results. I know that’s the search engine location that I am striving for with my own company Web Based Design.  I want to be the highest ranking Nottingham based Search engine optimisation firm in the Google Search results as this is important for what I do. The thing with what I do is competition to be number one in the search results is high and you have to be constantly on your game to achieve the best position.

Is it expensive to achieve success?

My customer base in Nottingham and the surrounding East Midlands county covers company’s of all sizes, therefore I have to account for companys of all budgets achieving search engine success. I have tailored packages from £35 per month upwards enabling search engine optimisation to be accessible to everyone.  If you were to use the pay per click packages that a lot of the search engines offer you then you could be looking at minimum search cost of £200.00 per month and remember only a 33% chance of being clicked upon within those search results.

What do you need from me?

In order for us to achieve success for your company with search engine optimisation we require some key things from yourselves. The first thing I need is ten words that are the most important search terms for your company. These can be products,  adverts or location data or a service. We will then analyse your site and place those words in a number of places within your site to maximise the search engine recognition of your site with the three main search engines. I will also need you to update your site regularily. The rest I will do at my end and you can sit back and watch your search engine positions grow with each month. Its important that you know, due to crawling robots within Google it can take up to three months for the full search engine results to start to filter through.

How do I sign up?

Email : hello@webbaseddesignco.uk

Call :01157147148

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