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Our Ethics


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Psychic Oracle upholds ethical practice within the psychic industry. We do not believe in the use of the 'hard sell' when advertising psychic readings and will not employ this practice when advertising our services.


Our psychics have been vetted and tested extensively and we will not advertise the services of anyone who has a dubious reputation. Integrity is important to us and we believe that this is what you will come to know and trust when visiting the Psychic Oracle boutique.


We are not a premium rate phone number offering numerous psychics available 24 hours a day.  We are an exclusive boutique and as such, it may be necessary to wait for an appointment when booking a reading. We will endeavour to grow to match demand and to give our customers the best service possible.


These same principles and standards also apply to our writers who contribute to the Psychic Oracle magazine. We will only bring you the best and the most gifted names within the industry.


Quality and integrity are important to you and they are important to us.


Carrie Kirkpatrick

Founder and  Editor

Psychic Oracle