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Number One in Google

Mastering Search Engines and becoming Number One in Google

It may seem like an impossibility to feature your site as the number one in Google with your keywords. I can assure you having worked on websites for many years that it is possible. Your business can be thrust into the sights of businesses within the Nottingham and extended East Midlands area. We can make you number one in Google.

Why high search engine rankings are important

It is fundamental to achieve high search engine rankings
that you get a professional to make it happen. Think of it this way you would not go to a mechanic to have a root canal treatment so if your a dentist a doctor or a plumber go to a Search Engine optimisation professional like ourselves. With over ten years experience in what makes websites tick we are leading the line in optimisation.

We will make this happen

We can attack the problem in two ways for you:

1. We can build you a new site which has every page is optimised and ready to be found on search engines.

2. Work within your current site to bring it up to modern search standards.

Whichever option you choose be assured our focus is always on you, we have a monthly optimisation program that you can either pay for monthly or annually. Depending on how much your budget can stretch to will determine how much time we spend making sure you website shows up in the top ten, top three or top one in Google.

Optimisation Program

Our optimisation program contains a full analysis of your site then based on your keywords we will ensure your site performs across all of the main search engines specifically with Google but also with http://www.bing.co.uk /Yahoo.

Do not take your foot off the pedal

We can also work on the development side of things to build your search credentials. The key thing in web site optimisation is that you do not take your foot over the pedal. Taking your time to invest not just your wallet but your mind into the optimisation process will ensure that you succeed above all within your business sector.

Keep them coming back

I think probably the hardest thing is to get not only your colleagues to start to use the website but also your customers. We will help you optimise not only for search engine recognition but also for asthetic interest. Hmmm Asthetic interest I hear you say what is that. Well that is the interest of those viewing your website. We want them to not only be intoxicated by the content but also by the design and there experience having found you by searching and then using your website through speedy navigation and eye grabbing graphics and animation.

With web based design you will be optimised completely:

Search Engines | Animation | Design

Get in touch with Web Based Design today to discuss what we can do for you. We want you to be number one in all the search engines and pushing your competition into the cold with the ferosity of the Winter we have had in Notts this year!

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