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Guest Psychics

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Carrie Krkrpatrick has been reading professionally for over 25 years. She is well known for working with the Goddess energies and regularly runs workshops teachng psychic development and how to work magically with the Goddesses. Carrie is a Priestess and Witch and can help you with cosmic ordering, spells and affirmations. She is very good at helping people through times of transformation and can enable you to empower yourself. Her psychic gifts enable her to tune into your situation and that of those around you and guide you forwards to fulfil your potential.

Carrie Kirkpatrick  

Psychic Clairvoyant & Goddess Practitioner

Available by appointment. Click here to book a reading.

Tracy Baker

Psychic Medium & Tarot Expert

Available by appointment. Click here to book a reading

Tracy is a lively outgoing Psychic Medium who believes in providing a pathway to the light for those searching in their lives. Sometimes people may wish to experience further insight and often search for further understanding. Tracy can provide a natural opportunity for reflection, whilst exploring matters of the heart, career, work, home, family, spiritual development or any issue that the client feels they need guidance on. She is a great believer in bringing the truth of any situation whether it is what the person wants to hear or not - it's more about what the person needs to hear. Tracy's readings are enlightening and uplifiting, somtimes with a healthy bit of bluntness thrown in! She has appeared extensively on TV where she built up a large following.

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Marie-Alice Dias

Amadai is a psychological astrologer with many years experience. She can analyse your astrological chart and give you predictions as well as the map of your life. She is a powerful psychic and her no nonsense appoach is widely sought after.

Marie-Alica is a powerful psychic medium who can work on a very deep soul level. She can help you to overcome blocks in your life and give strong validations and predicitons.

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Available by appointment. Click here to book a reading

Available by appointment. Click here to book a reading

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