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Carrie loves working with the Lunar phases and Cosmic Ordering and can offer advice on candle burning, affirmations and Cord Cutting. She calls her readings 'Satellite Navigation For Your Soul' as she can tune into excatly where you are now and help guide you forward.  Her readings are accurate and insightful, with clients coming back again and again because of her accuracy and honesty.


Carrie specialises in working with the Goddess energies, which she uses to empower her clients, often helping them to have the courage and confidence to overcome their fears and move forward in their lives.  She regularly runs Goddess Enchantment workshops with Kleo Kay, which are immensely popular. Carrie has written and photogrpahically illustrated two books, 'Goddess Enchantment - Magic and Spells: Volume 1 & 2'  published by Grave Distractions Publications.



Webcam Readings

Telephone Readings

Email Readings

30 minutes    £40.00  


60 minutes    £70.00

30 minutes     £40.00


60 minutes     £70.00

30 minutes    £30.00

Carrie Kirkpatrick is a Psychic Clairvoyant with an extensive list of international TV and media credits. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, which enables her to tune in exactly to how you are feeling and helps you to understand the feelings of others around you. She is widely regarded as a Tarot expert, having worked closely with the cards for over twenty-five years.  


Carrie founded Psychic Oracle and Psychic Oracle Magazine in 2012 and has recently launched Oracle Television, a digital web TV platform for the mind body spirit industry.


Carrie hosts Psychic Oracle TV shows for Oracle TV and invites guests from the psychic world to join her in discussions, masterclasses and on air psychic readings.

"I had an hour long reading with Carrie one evening on a New Moon with the specific intention of finding out more about working with the Moon and Goddess energy.  Carrie started with a general reading - an overview of my life and looking forward to the future - she was absolutely spot on! She picked up on a complicated situation involving my love life and also my worries over work and money. But she didn't just tell me how she saw these issues being resolved, she gave me practical suggestions to help work on the issues as well, which was very refreshing and empowering.


We moved onto working with the energies of the Moon and Goddesses and she gave me some great ritual guidance, which I really felt I needed. We also talked about Goddesses that would be good for me to work with currently, and also colour and crystals too.


The whole reading was incredilbly uplifting and empowering, but so practical too - I came away feeling like I could really tackle the issues in my life and work towards a great solution. I felt that I had some direction again. Whilst it is nice to be reassured, it is better to feel that you have the power to make the positive changes necessary and that is what Carrie delivers - she reminded me that I am an independent and beautiful woman who can create the future that I desire."

Kaye x



"Thanks, Carrie, for a wonderful reading. She told me about my current situation and my past. She specifically told me about an old association which had not been easy to let go of and she helped me to remove the negativity. She explained how I can get rid of that and that then I will be able to make room for new people to come in to my life.Then she told me about my business and she told me that I was going through a transition period, she also said that by February I would have a car...yipee! It was a lovely reading, so uplifting and very helpful. Most of all she is a lovely lady.

Thanks again Carrie x"

N, London



""Wow factor....it was an amazing reading that I just had with Carrie. She was able to tune into my past and future and told me exactly how things are. It was an absolutely amazing reading, uplifting and very helpful and it has helped me to clear out many of my old thoughts that I just couldn't get rid of....thanks very much Carrie for the lovely reading"

Naz, London



"Dear Carrie, you were so spot on when you said that I was being dragged kicking and screaming through the changes in my life right now. Thank you so much"

A, Scotland



"Outstandingly Accurate - I have had readings with Carrie on numerous occasions. She was absolutely amazing, she picked up on issues I hadn't mentioned and gave me guidance on my career path. If I had to pick one word for Carrie it would be phenomenal, she is truly fantastic"

O, Wales



"I asked Carrie for a Goddess reading and she picked the Goddess of earth. This was so appropriate as I live amongst the mountains and lakes, which is of course ideal for grounding myself, which you reccommended that I do.You told me so much in that reading which was spot on, you are so accurate. I just wanted to say thank you."

T, Ireland



"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the readings I have had with you. I have never ceased to be amazed at the level of accuracy in your readings at all times. I find you particularly helpful when giving me career guidance and I value this. My time at my existing job has been unpleasant to say the least, but at the time when I was most insecure, you guided me on how to approach the managerial staff. Thank you so much!"




"I had a reading with Carrie, she talked to me about my deepest emotions, right from childhood. Carrie was so spot on and it's helped me to make sense of things now. Carrie has given me what I need not only to heal, but to completely move on from what's holding me back. Thanks Carrie, I think you're a true inspiration."

Monika, Midlands

"Fantastic,detailed reading with very accurate comments on the personal side of my life.The reading that Carrie gave me has helped me gather my thoughts together and re-focus on the future.Could not recommend enough and I will certainly use the site again when I have the need for answers to my never ending list of questions."


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"I do not often write testimonials as most people write them after a reading and not after predictions come true.  I have tried many psychics on different sites and virtually nothing has come true. I had my FREE email reading with Carrie as a joining gift I read it nearly every night as somehow it gave me comfort, at the time I had reading after reading from different psychics and forgot about this one until the other night I found the email and read it again. Now I am not saying it was perfect but looking back I can see where she was coming from. There was a lot in the reading about me getting stronger as I was in what I think was the lowest time of my life so reading it now I know why it gave me comfort back then. I am stronger now taking each day at a time with very few readings. The one thing in Carrie’s reading that made my eyes stop and stare as it was the only real timeline I got was ‘I get strong leanings towards August as well, meetings are important then and your job is very much on the agenda again’ Well I started my new job 13th August and it has made me SO much happier. Due to this I have turned to Carrie again and had a second reading, £10 three questions (good deal), this time with a lot more timelines some soon and some distant. There is also some guidance, which comes from stuff that I am already feeling. Again I feel the same way after her first reading, but this time hope. As many of us who are addicted are told, find a psychic that works for you take the reading and live life and as I have found some of these predictions come true but don’t live for your reading. Good luck and thanks to Carrie who has been helpful and pleasant to talk to."


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Carrie is often invited to give psychic readings at exclusive coporate events in costume, which embraces her theatrical side. Carrie appeared as the Psychic Oracle in Selfridges in the run up to Christmas 2014, giving readings to Christmas shoppers.  Recent clients include Selfridges, Bompass & Parr, Johnnie Walker, Done & Dusted and Baileys.

Face to Face Readings

30 minutes    £60.00  


60 minutes    £100.00

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