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Psychic Oracle Magazine is ideally positioned to reach the viewers and readers who have an interest in the psychic and spiritual world. They are interested in self development and  holistic health as well as esoteric and mystical subjects.


Does this sound like the audience that you would like to reach? If so, a banner advertisement is the ideal way to start advertising with Psychic Oracle. A banner advertisment is the perfect way to promote your brand and reach your target audience. Whether you are promoting workshops, courses or your services, then Psychic Oracle Magazine can offer you the opportuntiy to communciate with our audience.


Banner advertisements run for a three month period.


Price:     £72.00 for three months

We hope you have enjoyed reading the Psychic Oracle Magazine. Perhaps you would like to see yourself and your services advertised on one of our pages? If so, then we can create a visually striking advertorial for you to run alongside our articles.


Price:     £192.00 for a one month run


             £432.00 for a three month run


             £720.00 for a six month run


If you would like to add a photographic portrait session to your advertising package, then we can offer a three hour photo shoot at our studio in North London.


Price:      From £350.00

If you would like your very own video commercial or infomercial that you can use on your website, facebook and YouTube, then Divine Media offer excellent production facilities to help turn your vision into reality. Budgets vary according to your requirements but if you would like to contact us we can discuss a script and shooting schedule.


Divine Media offer video production and website design, visit their website for more  information.


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