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Pocket History

Conceived in 2008 by Michael Adams, Web Based Design in Nottingham is the graduate of the part time business netoptimise. Michael ran netoptimise for 10 years as a part time company, specialising in low cost bespoke website design. The domain netoptimise.com is still being used today as a test bed for new websites.

What do you do?

As a company we deliver low cost bespoke web design. All our websites are? original and designed for a particular business. We do not use templates as we believe small business is about personality and individual vision, your site should reflect you.

At Web Based Design we have low operating costs due to the nature of our business which ensures that we keep the prices low to our customers. We offer fantastic value and are more often than not 40% less in cost.


June 2010 saw the full launch of Web Based Design in Nottingham, with it a complete commitment to customer service and design excellence. Our location in Nottingham places us in the M1 corridor ensuring that we can commute with ease to any business. Already as a result of this we have customers all over the UK.

July 2019 will be a great year for the business and I am very excited with how Brexit will see us grow further in developing countries.


Respect for our environment is a responsibility we do not take likely. We recycle all of our office paper products, attempting to keep as much of our communication electronic as possible. We drive less than 100gm of C02 emitting cars to ensure that our impact is less on the roads. Currently we are researching the feasibility of becoming 100% renewable by using a solar array and wind turbines to generate all our office’s requirement for power.


We use contract, local web designers to build our websites advertising in the local media and also on this site so watch this space for updates.

Situations Vacant There are currently no vacant positions .

A Word from Mike

“I wanted to introduce myself without being to cheesy but I am afraid by using this picture its too late! My name is Mike Adams, I am from Nottingham and
I am the founder of Web Based Design. I have been designing web sites part time for over 10 years, after working in
the private sector for all of my career I have some accumulated an array of experience in many different sectors with some of UK’s biggest household names”

Diamond Cable – NTL – IBM – Payne – DSGi

“I now have the opportunity to utilise my skills and experience within my own business now which I started in June 2010, I am 100% committed to ensuring you
get the best service in the industry and would like you to get in touch with any help you may need. Click here to contact me.

“Thanks for taking an interest in us and I look forward to working with you in years to come.”

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